Crystal Nail Shiner


Introducing the Mishe Crystal Nail Shiner, a revolutionary nail shiner that not only trims and buffs your nails, but creates an instant natural gloss and shine without the need for nail polish.

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  • No need for a 4-step process required by the existing sponge files and buffers
  • Fast and simple 1-step process for a shinier nail
  • Long lasting shine up to 4 weeks
  • The Mishe Crystal Nail Shiner is easily cleaned with water or alcohol
  • Made with high quality materials that prevent the product from wearing out quickly

Smooth, Glossy, Shiny Nails
Without nail polish

  1. Using the rough side of the shiner, file your nail smoothly from side to side
  2. After applying to all your nails, clean your nails and wipe off any remaining particles to see that new shine!
  3. Clean your shiner with water, wet wipes, or alcohol

A Variety Of Designs To Choose From

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