Black & Gold Eye Mask


Enriched with botanical extracts and antioxidants, this mask intensely hydrates, smooths, and de-puffs the delicate eye contour area.

  • Arnica, and Rosemary help naturally detoxify, nourish, and de-puff
  • Bamboo Water and Ceramide deliver intense hydration
  • Chamomile and Lavender help soothe and calm the skin's appearance

How to use

  • Using the spatula, place and smooth the mask under eyes.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes and relax.
  • Discard after use, and pat in remaining essence.
  • Made with high quality materials that prevent the product from wearing out quickly

Perfect Eye Masks

  1. Use them daily as a part of your regular pre-makeup.
  2. Use them during the day as a quick pick-me-up.
  3. Use them nightly to soothe tired, over-worked eyes.


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